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Concrete Glue is a high-quality hybrid, one-component polymer-based adhesive intended for bonding all materials and surfaces. Dedicated to bonding Concrete Stone series slabs and recommended for installation of other Stone Master products.

It immediately creates a very durable and flexible joint. The absence of isocyanates and solvents is environmentally friendly and safe for allergy sufferers, people who are allergic and especially sensitive to construction chemicals. Due to its properties, there are no changes in volume - it does not shrink. It has vibration and noise damping properties. It is characterized by excellent resistance to weather conditions.

Directions for use:

Before using the adhesive, the surfaces should be thoroughly cleaned and dried. The substrate on which the decorative elements will be glued must be stable, compact, and free of dust and grease.

The glue should be applied using a gun designed for squeezing dense masses, horizontal stripes, along the length of the glued element, starting from the top edge. Apply adhesive strips every 10-15 cm (4-6 ”). Join together by pressing the glued element to the substrate.

The target strength is achieved after 24 hours.

Any fresh stains should be cleaned with a soft and dry cloth.


24 months in the original, unopened packaging at 5-25 ° C (41-77 ° F). Store in a dry place away from heat sources.


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