Fence Post 100 x 100 x 2200 MM

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Product Details :

Dimensions :       100mm x 100 mm x 2200 mm 

Colours:               Black (RAL 9005) , Anthracite (RAL7016) , 

Surface:               Powder coated 

Fence posts 10 x 10 cm

Fence posts with a cross section of 10x 10 cm are used for mounting gates, wickets, and driveway gates.  Fence post offered is available in 2 options. First plain without any holes and also with holes and fitted river nuts to allow easy installation of hinges . When buying, you will have to choose a specific height of the posts ( 220 cm). The posts are available in two versions – only galvanized and galvanized and additionally powder coated. Their prices vary slightly depending on the height and method of processing the steel. You can put them directly in the ground or screw them to the foundation (using special bases).

Number of posts needed and installation of the fence

Fence posts are worth buying immediately with fence spans, wicket, and gate. To do this, carefully measure the plot and determine the length of the fence. You should allocate one post for every 2.5 m of fence, although this distance can be slightly increased or decreased. If you have any doubts, ask our professionals about the rules of correct and stable installation of a specific fence system.

After determining the place for the starting and corner posts, you should proceed to locate the points for the intermediate posts. Next, you need to make a foundation (e.g., from ready-made prefabricated elements) or dig holes for posts and stabilize them with concrete. The rest of the fence can be mounted using clamps or fittings adapted to the specific type of fence.

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