Building Materials & Landscaping

Building Materials & Landscaping

Split Concrete with Tumbled Surface for walling, paving, gardens will suit allincluding  residential and commercial properties. 

In addition to Stone Brick Fences, Split Stone Retain Walls, and other concrete based building materials P&A Home Mate supply walling blocks to build unique residential, service, and commercial buildings. We specialize primarily in external facades, Split Stone Facades which, thanks to the split surface, do not require painting or regular renovations. Group of products listed above allowing architects, designers and builders use colour and structure matched building materials ensuring new property looks modern.

This unique texture also makes the Walling blocks resistant to mechanical injuries, weather conditions and dirt. Our offer also includes decorative tiles that can be used to finish the entire or only fragment of the Exterior wall of the house. They allow you to create a unique arrangement.Facade blocks are perfect for residential, family houses, garages, as well as office buildings and public utility places. They are available in a wide range of colors and show resistance to weather conditions.Our offer also consists of decorative tiles, which look like split stone. They could be used internally to create feature walls and externally.


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